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How to store a lawn mower in garage

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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People usually place useful things in the garage. It saves them from weather severity, dust, rain, or other elements. Do you want the safety of your mower, and are you looking for a space? Well, nothing can be more suitable a place than a garage. But before that, you need to look around in the garage to find the best place to store a mower. Now you will be thinking how to store a lawn mower in garage?

Here are some necessary things to consider for storing a mower in the garage:


If you have adequate space in the garage, build a shelving unit. This unit can help you create space for small things related to lawn care.

This will also help to create more space on the ground.


  • Park the mower at the corner:

The best place in the garage for the mower to park is a corner. Some lawnmowers are heavy machines. If you park them in the middle, it becomes difficult for you to arrange other things around them.

After all, it’s a machine that can start automatically and damage the garage along with itself.


  • Get a floor mat:

Although you can park the mower on the ground, it can be damaging to both the floor of the garage and the mower.

A polyvinyl mat can be useful if you want to store the mower for a long time.

Mowers have tires and can move by themselves; this mat stops them from such motion.


  • Build a sloped platform:

Do you use a mower frequently? Then we suggest you build a sloped platform for the mower. With such a ramp, it becomes easy to lift and move the mower.

Moreover, the sloped platform has some useful places under it to keep other things.


  • Cover the lawnmower:

Buy a tarp from the market. What does tarp do? It protects the mower from dust or debris, and it also shields the mower against rain and snowfall.

Make sure to tie the ropes tightly because, if left loose, the tarp may fly off the mower.

You must also know that the dust or water entering the machine may affect the efficiency of the mower or permanently spoil it.

Moreover, in the rainy season, there is moisture in the garage that can rust your mower. So, cover it for its safety.


  • Make a wall hanger:

Some lawnmowers are smaller and can be hung. Hanging them on the wall hanger will also protect them from damages caused by any arrangement of other stuff.


Moreover, hanging them on the wall also gives you some space to store other things. Therefore, they don’t get in your way.


  • Winterize the mower:

A new word for you? Don’t worry; we will explain it to you.

When winter comes and you hardly use a lawnmower, you store it until next spring.

But before you store it, make sure you have disconnected the battery from the wires.

The next thing is to clean up the battery terminals for any dust.

Store the battery in a dry place to save its health. It keeps the efficiency of the battery intact.

After you have removed the battery, clean up the leftover fuel. Start the motor and let the remaining fuel burn.


Note: Exercise this step in open air to prevent the accumulation of carbon monoxide.


Emptying the tank would save your house a lot of trouble. Because a tank with an amount of fuel may set your house on fire.

Lastly, clean the engine of the motor. Remove all the dust and debris from it, as well as the plug. Why plugs? Because it can accidentally start the engine. That’s a lot of trouble, isn’t it?

Splash the water on the mower and store it; now it’s safe.



You need to learn to manage stuff if you want to maintain DIY. The lawnmower is not a cheap motor to buy every season. That’s why taking care of it may increase its life.


Follow the instructions in the article to maximize the efficiency of the mower. So, we are glad you learned something useful from this article.

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