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Why is my HVAC leaking water?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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One day you wake up, and the idea of visiting your HVAC unit strikes your mind. You go there and say why is my HVAC leaking water. There are two possibilities for water being there. Do you know about them? No? Well, the unit drains off the excessive water through the PVC duct; that is not an issue for you.


But if you see continuously increasing water levels beneath your system, well, that’s a real problem you need to check. Water is leaking somewhere from your unit. Do you know why this happens?

We’ll explain in this article the reasons for your unit’s leaking water.


Although air filters do not filter water, but you need to understand the engineering behind it. When filters are dirty, they block the air that maintains the temperature of the cooling coils. The coils get frozen, and when that water melts, this creates the mess that you just saw in the form of leakage.


If you find filters dirty, you should replace them to let the air reach the coils. Moreover, you should pay visits quite often to the unit for inspection of such things.


  • Clogged drain pipe:

Your HVAC unit releases condensation from PVC pipes; on inspection, if you find the pipe dry, it’s an indication that your pipe is not draining water properly. Well, in that case, check the pipe for clogging.


If you find a clog, don’t worry. A wet-dry vacuum at home can remove that clog from the pipe. However, if you see that it’s not working, It’s better to call a serviceman to make things right for you.


Moreover, you should clean drain pipes every month with white vinegar. Pour a cup of vinegar into the pipes, and this will prevent the pipe from clogging.


  • Weak connection of draining pipes. 

At the time of installation, it’s important to check that everything is fixed. Sometimes, a hurry at work can prove fatal for you. The leakage of water is one of them. Look for draining pipes; if they are not connected well, just fix them properly and see off the issue of water influx.


  • Check the condensate pump:

Sometimes, the condensate pump doesn’t work properly due to the accumulation of dirt, and it starts leaking water. You better call for maintenance services. They will guide you on whether to replace or clean the pump.


  • Low refrigerants:

Refrigerants are responsible for keeping the evaporating coil cool. If you see water seeping through the refrigerant line, that’s an indication of low refrigerants. This also results in low cooling.


Well, in that case, you need to call a professional to come and inspect the unit. Because if you ignore this issue, it can destroy your whole HVAC unit.



Now that you know the reasons for water leakage, we suggest you keep maintaining your unit now and then. Keep visiting units to detect the issue at early levels; this will save you a lot of trouble. Moreover, some issues are apparently minor in nature; ignoring them may cause a huge issue for the entire unit. So, take every measure to reduce the possibility of major setbacks. We hope our content proves useful for you.

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