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How much does it cost to clean solar panels?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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Solar technology has improved the lives of many. Its expensive unit can benefit you for years. Experts say if you take proper care of your unit it can survive for 25 years. How much does it cost to clean solar panels? Well, proper care and maintenance require a certain cost. What is that cost in 2024 let’s discuss that in detail.

Well, normally it depends upon the panels of the unit. A panel can cost $13 to $ 25. So, this means a normal unit consisted upon 20 to 25 panels may cost you $300 to $700.


This cost depends on different factors for example number of panels, cost of labor for an area, seasons, structure of the roof, and amount of dirt and debris. 


Why does it require to clean the panels?

Over the time the debris and dust settle on the panels. This affects the efficiency of the panel by blocking sun rays resulting in low production of the electricity. That’s why it requires cleaning.


Moreover, changing weather can directly impact the performance of the unit, for example, during snowfall the snow covers the outer layer of the panels and lives there for a while. After it stops falling it becomes necessary to remove that layer of snow.


So, either on your own or hiring a service center you can get rid of this issue.


Furthermore, in dry areas there is a tendency of pollens and sand in the air, they also form a layer of dirt on panels. That’s when their cleaning becomes necessary. 


Sometimes, you see a slightly high price on your electricity bill. This means that your solar panels aren’t working properly. This is also an indication that your system requires inspection or cleaning. 


What affects the cost of cleaning the panel?

Cost estimations are derived after considering different factors such as:


  • Location of your premises:

Prices of labor and other stuff vary from area to area. In some places it is $100 per hour whereas in some places it is $200 to $250 per hours. 


So, while budgeting for the service you need to have an eye on prices for that particular area. That’s why location is a main factor in calculating for original cost of cleaning.


  • A number of panels:

Another factor in calculating the whole price is the number of panels. The more the number is the more it will multiply with cost per panel. 


  • Season in your area:

Seasons have an impact on the performance of the panels. In the season of dust storms, your panel might get a huge layer of dirt.


This requires more effort and the company will inform you of the effort and the tools it requires to clean up that mess for you. 


Likewise, when it’s snowfall the panels get covered with snow. That snow establishes a thick layer on the outer surface of the panel. So, it requires extra effort to remove that layer and the company would charge accordingly. 


  • Structure of the roof:

Some roof structures are simpler and do not require special efforts to access panels installed on them. In this case, you can get service at a nominal cost. 


Whereas some roofs have complex structures to reach the panels and clean them. It may require extra tools or machinery for assistance. That’s why it may raise the figure for you. 


  • Amount of the dirt and debris:

When you ignore the fact of cleaning your panel timely, the amount of dirt and debris increases. Eventually, your system becomes reluctant to produce the required amount of electricity. 


To remove this heap of dirt the servicemen require extra effort which requires extra money. That’s why it is a factor in calculating the cost of cleaning.


So accordingly, you are advised to keep cleaning you plates quite often. This will reduce the cost at the end of the year.


How often panels should be cleaned:

Again, it depends upon your vigilance and responsible behavior. If you regularly clean your panels then it will stay less problematic for you. Then you’ll need to call once a year for an inspection. 


In another case where you don’t take proper care of your panel, it may demand service twice or thrice a year.  


What benefits do you get from cleaning?

Cleaning has its benefits, it enhances the efficiency of the panels, and moreover, it keeps your warranty alive. It also increases the lifespan of the panel. So, it is recommended to keep cleaning your panel time and again. 



It is an established fact that the panel requires cleaning quite often. Moreover, it has some certain cost that is the sum of different factors. It varies from area to area and service to service. It is always advised to have quotes from different companies first and then make up a budget for cleaning. 

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