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How long do lawn mower batteries last?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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There are different types of lawnmowers, and they are used according to the area of the lawn. People who have houses with large lawns usually need riding lawnmowers. They are bigger in size and capacity; moreover, they have a huge energy capacity to run for a marginal period but when we start buying lawnmowers the question also arises in our mind that “How long do lawn mower batteries last?

Other lawnmowers, like push mowers, are generally used for small lawns. Such mowers require a lot of human energy. You would love to avoid using such a mower on acres of land.

Now you will wonder where these mowers get their energy from.

Don’t worry, we’ll explain these things about ” How long do lawn mower batteries last? ” to you in this article, so continue reading.

Power mechanism of mowers:

Different mowers run on different forms of energy. Some consume gasoline, and some run on electricity. Do you know which one is the best? How about mowers that work on a combination of gas and electricity?

Well, this kind of mower is the best on the market if you have a huge lawn. Do you want to know why? Let’s understand this by studying other lawn mowers.

  • Gasoline lawnmowers:

People who have this type of lawn mower know that they have to pay a visit to buy fuel to run the mower. Moreover, if the tank gets empty in the middle of the work, you just have to leave things in between, go to the market, and buy fuel. Isn’t it irritating?


  • Corded electric mower:

For a small area, you can use a corded electric mower, but this can be a real headache. You need to take care of the wire so that it doesn’t get in the way. The other issue with it is that it can come unplugged. Yeah, that also happens. So, you should have a better option, right?


  • Gasoline mowers on electric start:

Just sit on the mower, push the start button, and there you go. No plugging, no pulling of the string to start the engine. It’s smooth and convenient. So. Why not prefer this type of lawnmower over others?

 Because these mowers have batteries, we will now explain their mechanism to you.


How long do lawn mower batteries last?

 Here, if you have decided to have a battery-supported lawnmower, you should ask about battery life. In this portion, we will explain the kinds and lifespans of batteries used in such mowers.

Two kinds of batteries are used in these mowers:

  1. Acid-lead batteries.
  2. Lithium-ion batteries.

Acid-lead batteries are inexpensive and heavy. They require proper maintenance now and then. Acid-lead batteries have a relatively smaller energy cycle than lithium-ion batteries. They also take more time to get charged.

Lifespan: This type of battery requires regular maintenance; you have to look for the levels of acid and water. If you don’t take enough care, they can die more quickly than you had expected. If you properly maintain them, then they can survive for two seasons. 

Whereas lithium-ion batteries are more powerful and efficient, They don’t take a lot of time to get charged; moreover, they are slow at reducing energy. Although these are expensive, they run for a long time. 

   How long do lawn mower batteries last

Lifespan: Although lithium-ion batteries are expensive, they don’t need regular maintenance. Therefore, even without proper maintenance, they can survive for 10+ years.



In a nutshell, it’s on you to decide what mower suits your lawn. Most people have smaller lawns, and they can mow them with a little effort.

However, mowers with batteries benefit big lawns. So, if you are responsible and can maintain the acid-lead battery, you can add some years to its life. Otherwise, lithium-ion batteries are a gem. We are glad to share this core information with you. We also hope it’s useful for you.

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