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Is pest control safe for pets?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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Pesticides are a combination of different chemicals. They may contain chemicals that are dangerous for living things. Many people in the USA love pets, so, their main concern during pesticide application is the safety of their pets. Is pest control safe for pets? Well, no, pet lovers must be vigilant during pest control activities. They may get infected if exposed to the hazardous substance. 

This article will clear all your doubts with thorough information on what to do to save your pets during pest control exercises.

In modern times, companies make pets-friendly pesticides or insecticides . The manufacturing companies understand the sensitivity of the pet’s response to pesticides; therefore, they make substances less poisonous for pets to get infected.

However, your pets are still vulnerable to certain chemicals. So, you need to take precautions while applying pesticides.


How can pets be protected during pest control?

As we know pesticides can create health issues for all living things including pets.

A few pets, for example, cats and dogs, can be infected by absorbing chemical substances or perfumes. These fumes penetrate their body through the pores in their skin.

So, make sure you take care of these factors during the application of pest control:




  • Hire a professional pest control company:

Most people can fight an infestation with the DIY method, yet it can be dangerous, if you make even a simple mistake, for the lives of pets. Therefore, call professionals to fight infestation for you.


There are a lot of companies out there for such services, but it’s up to your research to choose the correct one for pest control. So, contact the right one to save yourself from a lot of trouble.



  • Inform them about the presence of pets at home:

It is a sign of good companies to ask you about the presence of some pets at home. Even if they don’t ask just be the first one to bring in their knowledge about those precious lives. 


Your information will help those professionals to take all precautionary measures for the safety of you and your pets. They will apply pesticides that are pet-friendly.


Moreover, ask them to apply the Integrated Pest Management system which reduces the risk of infection in pets.



  • Keeping pets away from the area of treatment:

It is necessary to keep your pets away from places where pesticides are being applied. Because chemicals in the shape of fumes can enter in pet’s body and damage their health.


 Moreover, shifting the crockery for pest food away from the area of treatment is another way of saving them from swallowing contaminated food. 



  • Don’t bring them home until pesticides dissipate:

In some areas, there are pet care centers. They can hold them for you for the time your home undergoes pest control treatment. Afterward, when all chemicals or fumes are dissipated, they are ready to join their habitat. 

Also don’t bring babies after pest control application.



  • Sterilize the belongings of your pets:

During the application of pest control treatment, the belongings of the pets may get contaminated. 


If they eat food in such crockery with pesticide residues, it can deteriorate their health. Therefore, sterilize them before letting your pets contact them. 



  • Cover the cages of birds:

Birds and reptiles are more sensitive than dogs and cats, hence they need extra protection during pest control treatment. Make sure to cover the cages of the birds so that fumes of lethal sprays don’t infect them.



  • Cover the tank of the fish:

A tank of fish can be a dangerous host for them, for it contains water and a few chemicals in pesticides have good efficiency levels in water. So, either transport the tank to a safer place or cover it with something that blocks pesticides from entering into it. 



To save your pet-friend, you need to research and hire a competent company to conduct pest-free exercise on your premises. 

Telling them about your pets helps them devise a strategy following an integrated pest management system to save your pets from all kinds of infections. 

Even after treatment of pests with due care, it still can create trouble for you, so, if your pet gets infected, straight away rush towards health care for treatment of your pets.

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