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What do pest control companies use for roaches?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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It is truly challenging to dispose of cockroaches because of their high protection from pesticides. On the off chance that you’re attempting to dispose of them yourself, there’s a high chance that you can’t knock them out totally, so they’ll re-emerge after an exceptionally brief time frame. What do pest control companies use for roaches?


When you engage with an exterminator, he will guarantee to exterminate roaches by utilizing a blend of techniques.


The techniques exterminators use is:


Exterminators ordinarily splash exceptional synthetic substances that will kill the insects, set trap stations, and do ideal checks until the cockroaches are disposed of.

This article also discusses methodologies that exterminators use to dispose of cockroaches. What do roach exterminators use?


  • Gel trap


Gel traps are one of the best approaches to dispensing with cockroaches. These gels come packaged in a convenient syringe and contain various insecticides. This needle makes it simple to apply modest quantities of the gel anywhere cockroaches hide around your home, like in breaks and crevices.


The cockroaches will eat the gel lure and bite the dust in no time. When the lure has killed a cockroach, numerous other cockroaches will feed on the dead ones and similarly get harmed. This kills the whole generation of roaches.


  • Tent fumigation:


Tent fumigation is, in many cases, applied when all other methods fail and the roaches’ infestation becomes terrible. The synthetic substances utilized in fumigation are more powerful against cockroaches and their eggs. Since they are so strong and will reach all over the place, including breaks and holes,.


In any case, fumigation isn’t just costly; it also becomes unsafe for people and pets, so they use it as a last resort against extreme cockroach invasion. After fumigation, you should wait at least 1 to 7 days before entering the house.


What chemicals do exterminators use for cockroaches?


Now let’s learn about the chemicals that kill roaches.


Pyrethrin and pyrethroids:


Exterminators broadly use Pyrethrin and pyrethroids as pesticides. These synthetic pesticides successfully dispose of cockroaches since they incapacitate them and prompt their death.


Chrysanthemum flowers, which are well-known for their ability to ward off pests, are the source of pyrethrin and pyrethroids. Moreover, spraying them on your property won’t have a significant impact because they are safe for both people and animals. It also doesn’t set off the sensitivities and asthma that some might have.


Be that as it may, utilizing pyrethrin and pyrethroids isn’t fitting on the off chance that you have pets like fish since they can represent an incredible peril when they get into the water.


Piperonyl butoxide:


Another pesticide used by exterminators is Piperonyl butoxide. Many pesticides and sprays contain this renowned chemical to dispense with cockroaches.


The mixture of Piperonyl butoxide and pyrethrin with other chemicals increases its efficacy because it cannot function on its own. Although this chemical is less poisonous, it can still be harmful for many people, and pets will have lower immunity. Exterminators are generally careful in your home to guarantee that it won’t cause any trouble for you.




Fipronil is another pest control chemical that is used against cockroach infestations. It comes in two forms: liquid and powder. It attacks the nervous system of roaches and either kills them or forces them to disappear.


Fipronil is a dangerous formula that only professionals and experts should use. Moreover, they should alert the members of the house about the side effects of this chemical.


Boric acid:


One of the most widely recognized pesticides utilized is boric acid. This is a very common substance and professionals use it for different purposes. It is available in both powder and pellet forms. Moreover, professionals use this compound after turning it into sprays. After that, they spray on the places where they know cockroaches are. Always remember that this substance should be used very carefully because it is harmful to humans too.



Organofluorine compounds like hydroxymethylnon belong to the trifluoromethyl aminohydrazone chemical class. It is a metabolic inhibitor as a consequence.


A pesticide called hydroxymethylnon is intended to keep bugs under control and is mostly used as a poison to attract cockroaches. It is a powerful toxin that has a delayed, slow-acting toxicity once consumed.


Hydramethylnon shows less risk in warm-blooded creatures. Hydramethylnon is a common ingredient in insect bait because, once consumed, it simply works and is incredibly effective against German bugs.



Now we hope that you have learned something useful about the chemicals that are used against cockroaches. We must know that cockroaches are dangerous for our health. They contaminate our food and affect our health.

Therefore, call an exterminator immediately to get rid of this trouble. Moreover, make sure you keep your surroundings clean and healthy.

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