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What is a pocket door?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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Pocket doors are gaining popularity as a tidy twist on a traditional internal door; they are easily accommodated in a modern house building and provide some highly practical solutions to everyday concerns and interior design issues. Moreover, these are space-saving invention. Let’s know more about pocket door.


A pocket door: what is it?

This door is a sliding door that, when fully opened, vanishes into a wall cavity. Additionally, the door moves on rollers or an overhead track in the door frame, or it slides along tracks or guides on the ground.

In terms of construction, this door requires a counter-frame that fits into a standard stud wall. Because it forms an “envelope,” this frame is the same width as the wall itself, allowing the door to slip into place.

Victorian homes were known for having this style, which is becoming increasingly prevalent among modern buildings. Because architects and interior designers search for practical solutions to solving problems.


Various kinds of pocket doors:

  • Steel Door Frame: Although, most of these door frames, which contains the door, is made entirely of steel, these doors come in a variety of modern designs to fit any type of home. Depending on the available space, these can be single or double doors in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or home office.

  • Aluminum Door Frame: Glass doors give a beautiful streamlined finish to any room and are available in mirrored or attractive etched styles. Moreover, they come with an aluminum frame.

  • Wood Door Frame: Wooden patterns can be stained or painted. It slides into itself and lets the door pass through. Regardless of the material you choose, the beauty of these door designs is that it allows you to do away with the typical door frame, which is practically unnecessary.


This design was a prominent feature in Victorian wood. This delivers a neat, simple, and minimalist appearance that has a fantastically contemporary impact.


The idea behind pocket door selection:

Although, it is more likely to be a space-saving solution, pocket doors can add an average of 10 feet square of floor area to a room, people pickpocket doors for a variety of reasons. One reason could be sheer architectural taste.

Additional benefits of pocket doors incorporate the metal frame’s strength and stiffness. Additionally, pocket doors come with all the extras required to create an elegant look, like wood jambs that seal the space between the door and the pocket frame flush and structural elements that keep the door from slamming shut.

Installing and maintaining pocket doors is secure, and they have an impressive 12-year warranty. Without a doubt, pocket doors are the rediscovered element that is revolutionizing interior design.


Is it possible for me to install one myself? 

You can install pocket doors yourself. It’s rather feasible. Without a doubt, the procedure is more complicated than hanging ordinary swinging doors. Still, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you if you have any experience with home renovations.



In a nutshell, pocket doors are a valuable invention. They save a lot of spacing, moreover, they add in overall beauty of the house. They are made of different material. Each of such material has its own unique properties. Always buy products from a reliable store. We hope this was a valuable content for you.

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