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How to lay sod over existing lawn?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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Laying sod over the existing lawn is a bad idea. Do you want to know how? Well, it seems very easy and time-saving to lay sod over an existing lawn, but this idea may damage your new lawn. it’s an obstacle between the soil and turf of new grass. Moreover, it stops necessary nutrients from reaching the roots of new grass. In this blog, we will discuss about How to lay sod over existing lawn  


What should I do before laying a sod?

Most people think it is feasible to lay new sod over old grass. That’s the wrong approach. Then what’s right?

Here is what you need to do before laying sod:


  • Mow the old lawn:

Suppose you want to grow healthy grass over an old lawn as short as possible. After mowing, make sure you remove all the debris, like sticks, leaves, and weeds.

Cutting off old grass this short will allow the roots of the new sod to interact with the soil. If you skip this process, new grass will die. Moreover, mowing the lawn on regular basis helps it have a good health


  • Spread the topsoil:

The next step is to spread the topsoil on the surface.

Want to know why?

This certainly levels the field and fills some spots. Have you seen uneven patches in some gardens? That is because they haven’t spread topsoil to make a level.

Moreover, it works as a bridge between the new turf and the original soil beneath. This layer won’t let the roots die.


  • Lay the sod over the topsoil:

The surface is now ready to accept the new sod. But before you lay the rows of sod, make sure to remove debris laying on the topsoil.

Start spreading the rolls along edges like sidewalks; this will give you an idea of the leveling of the sod.

Once all the sods are unrolled and fixed, tap the corners of every piece to make sure they are properly fixed. This act will also remove any air in the gaps and interconnect every piece for smooth growth.

Here you are. So far, you have done an amazing job. But something is still there!


  • Watering the new sod:

Now is the best time to water your new grass. Watering your grass will increase its life.

It also gives it a shining look.

At this point, you might be wondering: How much watering do we need to do?

Experts say you need to water for at least 20 minutes a session. The best time to water is in the morning and afternoon.

Avoid watering your lawn in the evening. Want to know why?

When you water at night, it will stay overnight, and there is a higher chance of pest infestation. So, avoid watering at night.


  • Apply fertilizers:

Go to the market and grab the best fertilizer.

Follow the instructions in the description carefully before applying the fertilizers, because the type of sod you just laid down might have a different requirement than what these fertilizers provide.


What happens when you unroll sod over old grass?

Make sure that you don’t spread new sod over old grass. Otherwise, it would block the way for new roots to reach the soil. Moreover, it also stops the nutrients necessary for the new grass.



So, this article paints a clear picture for you. Now you know why you should avoid spreading new sod over old grass.

Also follow the above-mentioned steps to have smooth, even, and thick grass on your lawn.

Watering surely increases the life of grass, so make sure to repeat this act twice a day, except for nighttime.

We wish you a healthy lawn.

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