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How to mix cedar oil for pest control?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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You undoubtedly want to get rid of troubling insects like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes as soon as possible. Therefore, consider using cedar oil as a substitute for hazardous pesticides, which can harm pollinators and beneficial insects. Do you want to know how to mix cedar oil for pest control? For safe and efficient pest management in your garden or yard, try cedar horticultural oil.

Cedar oil kills certain insects:

Many biting insects can be successfully repelled by cedar oil, including:

  • Mites.
  • Mosquitoes.
  • Fleas.
  • Bed bugs.
  • Moths.
  • Ticks.
  • And Ants.

The best part? Cedar oil is a great option for your garden because it won’t hurt bees or butterflies.


Methods for Manufacturing Cedar Oil Spray:

Acquire Concentrate Cedar Oil: Get cedar horticultural spray online or in gardening centers.
Blend the Fix:

  • Mix 120 ml or 4 fluid ounces of cedar oil concentration with water.
  • Furthermore, make use of an applicator with a hose-end sprayer (a container with measurements on the side that attaches to your hose).
  • Afterward, fill the canister with twenty-six fluid ounces (770 ml) of water.
  • Thereafter, Fasten the canister firmly to the hose.
  • The water will safely dilute the cedar oil to the right ratio when you turn it on.
  • For your particular product, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, as the dilution ratio may differ somewhat.
  • This quantity of diluted product is sufficient to treat 5,000 square feet.


  • Use cedar oil spray to completely cover the bugs and their living spaces.
  • Moreover, soak concrete patios and driveways, standing water, grass, plants, and flower beds with water.
  • Perhaps just one application is needed, but don’t hesitate to apply again after a month if the bugs come back.
  • Thereafter, Refill the hose-end sprayer as necessary for bigger areas.


The Workings of Cedar Oil:

  • The exoskeletons of the bugs become coated in cedar oil, suffocating them.
  • Cedar oil may also cause metabolic disruptions that ultimately result in the death of the pests, depending on the kind.
  • After you spray them, you’ll notice that the bugs cease moving eventually.
  • Cedar oil spray works effectively against eggs and larvae as well. Moreover, it keeps them from consuming oxygen and interfering with their metabolism.


Bonus Recipe for Repellent Spray:

Spray Cedar Oil Repellent:

For a simple repellant spray, combine witch hazel and cedar essential oil.
Half-fill an 8-ounce (240-ml) spray bottle with witch hazel.
Pour in 2 tsp (9.9 ml) of olive or other carrier oil.
Add two tablespoons (30 ml) of neem oil.
Recall that cedar oil is an all-natural substitute that repels bugs without endangering the surroundings. Cheers to effective pest management!



Now that you see that cedar oil can do wonders. Moreover, It destroys the infestation, irrespective of its size. In addition, we hope you just read a useful recipe against pests. Therefore, apply it and see the benefits. Moreover, you must keep your surroundings clean anyway. However, many flowers can also prove repelling force against notorious pests. 

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