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What is Lawn Care?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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Lawn adds to the beauty of your house. That’s why it requires regular care to survive for a long time. Do you know what is lawn care? Lawn care includes mowing, weed removal, fertilizing, dethatching, and increasing soil health. Moreover, aeration and edging are also considered parts of lawn care.


You can hire professionals for lawn services; however, regular care like watering can reduce the chances of making your lawn ugly.

What does Lawn Care include?

Let’s discuss how we can take care of our lawn.

Well, these are some methods of making your lawn look like heaven:


  • Mowing your grass:

The crucial step in lawn care is mowing. It shapes your grass and levels all the blades.


But to perform this act, you need to keep in mind that you trim only one-third of the blade.


Also, use a sharp-edged and good-quality lawn mower; poor ones may rip your grass. Do you want to know how to store lawn mower in garage?


  • Edging:

Edging creates a border between your lawn and other land and enhancing the beauty of structure, so giving your lawn an edging is a technical art. Use branded cutters for edging to make your lawn look beautiful. 


  • Use of fertilizers:

Fertilizers can enhance the growth level of grass blades. Moreover, they increase the health of the turf. The more the turf is healthy, the more the grass will grow.


Here a question comes to mind: how often should fertilizer be used?


Experts say that it depends on the type of grass and the season. Usually, fertilizer should be used once a year. However, if the performance of the soil is poor, then it may require more than one application of fertilizer.


  • Aeration of the soil:

Aeration is a very unique concept. Holes are created in the turf. These holes allow oxygen, nutrients, and water to reach the roots of grass. So, for thick green grass, aeration is a must.


According to experts, we should aerate the soil at least once a year.


  • Dethatch the lawn:

Thatch is dead grass or debris. Excessive growth of thatch may result in damage to the original grass. It may interrupt the water or fertilizer from entering the soil.


So, dethatching is also a necessary step for lawn care. Do you know people use scarifier to clean dethatch?


  • Pest control:

One of the major components of lawn care is to make it free from pests b. Pests are normally attracted to poorly maintained lawns. They damage the growth and color of the grass for example grasshoppers may eat up the whole lawn. If you don’t take care of them, they can be a real threat of infestation.


There are pesticides available on the market, but you can avoid this expense by taking good and timely care of your lawn by pest control. Moreover, you can grow anti-pests plants in your garden. 


  • Removing weeds from the lawn:

Weeds are uninvited guests that grow to spoil the beauty of the soil. They absorb all necessary nutrients, depriving plants and grass. That’s why their removal is a necessary part. 


  • Watering the lawn:

In rainy areas, you don’t need to water the lawn quite often. But in the dry season, you need to water the lawn on a regular basis. This helps the grass grow and spread branches, even to bald patches, to fill them.


Moreover, water can flush all necessary nutrients into the soil and make the turf stronger to grow healthy grass. 


  • Mulching:

Mulching is a material with which soil is covered. This process increases the efficiency of the soil by preserving moisture. So, mulching is as necessary as any other lawn care process. It is also helpful to protect the soil from coldness of season when hardly the sun comes out.

When lawn care is necessary?

Taking care of the lawn mostly depends on the seasons. In the season of spring, the grass freshly grows. This is the best time to call a professional lawn carer. Moreover, if you arrange the tools, then you can take care of your lawn all by yourself. This would save you a lot of money. So, now you have thorough information about your query: what is lawn care?

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