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How often should pest control be done in an apartment?

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Like humans require a proper body inspection time and again, the places of habitat also need thorough inspection for pests. Pests are the containers of diseases. If they are not properly handled, they may get worse. Although houses are less vulnerable to pests, business places and apartments are at greater risk of pests’ takeover. That’s why an apartment should be examined in three instances: once a month, quarterly, and once a year, depending on the situations discussed below. That’s why apartments ought to take more measures to counter this problem. We go into great detail on How often should pest control be done in an apartment in this  post.

 How should pest control be done in an apartment?

What pest carries what disease?

Before treating pests, we need to develop an understanding of the dangers they can cause. Pests are of different types; some are visible to the naked eye, others hide themselves to create more mess. Every type causes problems according to their orientation. Here, we discuss some of them in detail.

  • Cockroaches:

Cockroaches are recognizable even from far away because of their structure. This kind of pest can carry different bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can damage human health to a great extent. Moreover, exposure to a larger infestation of these pests may also cause severe health issues like asthma.

Cockroaches in pest control

  • Rodents:

Although they look cute, they have a nasty history of creating pandemic-like diseases. Even today, they are a huge threat to human health. They have the habit of sniffing food and crockery items. This process may transfer disease into the human body.

Rodents in pest control

  • Bed bugs:

Although bed bugs are not a direct threat to human health, they carry different bacteria that are harmful to the human body. They mostly touch human or animal waste and then come into direct contact with humans. Here, they are posing a real threat.

Bed bugs in pest control

  • Termites:

These are tiny pests, hardly visible to the naked eye. Even if they are small enough, they can still knock you out. They damage the basic infrastructure of the building, especially the wood. So, their infestation is as dangerous as any other.

Termites effect in pest control

  • Ants:

They have a tremendous record of swift growth. They can pave the way by making holes in walls. Moreover, they also damage food items, making them useless.

Ants effect in Pest Control

  • Flies:

This creature doesn’t stink but can contaminate the food. They lay eggs in millions, and this is when the real challenge erupts.

How can we get rid of pests?

There are usually two methods to get rid of pests:

  1. By using sprays and chemicals.

  2. By engaging pest control experts.

How often should pest control be done in apartments?

Now the real question arises: how many times should a pest control treatment be done in apartments, which are a soft target for pests’ intervention? Well, experts argue that it depends upon different factors, like:

  • Location of the apartment:

 In the opinion of experts, the location of the apartment matters a lot in reaching the conclusion that how many times a pest’s treatment is required. Infestations vary from area to area. Some apartments are near a pool or river, so they are exposed to a threshold of pests. Apartments that are situated in commercial areas away from greenery and water are less likely to get infestations.

 So, the areas that are likely to be more exposed to infestation should get their apartments examined quite often. In some cases, where there is the worst case of infestation, the treatment must be once a month, and in others, it should be quarterly.

 As we go towards the south, the seasons are usually milder, and pests like infesting in such seasons (Professor Eric, PhD professor, Clemson University).


  • Verities of pests:

 Different pests have different responses to treatments. Insects like cockroaches, flies, and silverfish have dirty habitats like bathrooms and eat human waste. They may create pathogens and contaminate your food. So, the period for treatment should be once a month.

 Pests like termites are easy to eliminate. They disappear after the first application of treatment. However, they can still damage wood, and anything comes in their way, so once a year treatment is necessary to see them off.

 Likewise, rodents are also categorized as historically dangerous species. A century ago, a plague erupted in Indo-Pak due to rodents, and millions of people lost their lives. They may also transmit rabies, so their presence is a threat to human life. So, they should be taken care of quarterly.

 Pests like ants are less dangerous, but they still attack certain food items, so they should be treated quarterly.


  • Seasons in a particular area:

 The growth and nourishment of pests depend upon the changing of seasons. In winter, pests usually hide themselves in cracks or minor holes. Whereas, in summer, they find mates and increase their population. So, in summer, they should be treated more frequently than in winter.


  • Severity of infestation:

The first rule is to take preemptive measures. If the infestation is out of control, then frequent visits by experts become inevitable. Therefore, the first application must come with follow-ups.


  • Condition of the Apartment:

 If an apartment is in bad condition and there are holes and cracks in the walls and leakage of sewerage, Places like this are the hosts for pests. Lives and health are at stake, so pests’ elimination treatment becomes a must. In such a situation, pest control experts must visit the place twice a month until the infrastructure is maintained.


  • The nature of the job of residents:

 If the residents have offices in places where there is a flow of pests, like hospitals, meat shops, or mortuaries, then they may be carriers of pests in their apartments. This phenomenon may raise pest alerts for other inhabitants of the apartment. In this situation, pest treatment should be applied once every month.


Why pest control is mandatory?

Pests cause a lot of trouble for the person who possesses that apartment. You are always vulnerable to getting infected by troublesome pests like mosquitoes. They can cause malaria and dengue. Moreover, bed bugs can cause tissue inflammation, and termites can cause irreparable damage to apartment infrastructure. Furthermore, if this is left unattended, you may lose the apartment after fulfilling your liabilities.


What benefits do we achieve from pest control?

 Controlling pests can have multiple benefits, such as:

  • Clean surroundings
  • Healthy environment
  • And you save yourself from liabilities.



The existence of pest species cannot be ignored. They can be harmful to human existence. They can be found anywhere: in houses, business places, and apartments. To control their growth and infestation, experts give us multiple moods. In apartments, depending on the situations discussed above, pest control measurements should happen quite often. This would raise your living standard and help you keep your surroundings disease-free.


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