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5 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Close All the Way

By qhe_admin
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The garage works on a proper mechanism. Sometimes, the garage door won’t close. Do you know why? That’s why you are here, aren’t you? Well, machines usually stop working for some reason. These reasons include bad sensors, dead batteries, obstacles in tracks and rollers, and issues with limit screws.


The best part is that you can look after these issues all by yourself; however, if you realize it is a tough ask to DIY, call a reliable serviceman. QuickhomeExperts also provides professional and satisfactory services in this regard. In this blog , you’ll learn useful fixes and solutions for situations when your garage door won’t close all the way.


Reasons why the garage door won’t close?


There are multiple reasons why the garage door won’t close. Let’s learn about them in detail and see if there is any solution.


  • Dirty sensors:

Laser rays in sensors are responsible for the movement of the garage doors. Being in the open, sometimes dust and debris gather on the lens of these sensors. Therefore, they stop working, and the door gets struck.

If you see any dust on the lens of the sensor, clean it with the help of a cloth. Next, try to close the doors. Hopefully, this hack will work.

garage door won't close all the way

  • Dead batteries of remote:

If the garage door won’t close despite the cleaning of the sensors, check for dead batteries on the remote. Batteries often go down, and the remote won’t work. If the batteries are dead, immediately change them and then give it a try. Make sure to be in the range of the opener while using the remote.

Dead batteries of remote


  • Issues with door opener memory:

Still having issues with closing? This happens due to a fault in the door opener’s memory. Sometimes, a power surge wipes out the memory of the opener. In such a situation, you need to reprogram your remote. 


  • Obstacles in tracks and rollers:

Oftentimes, there are bent tracks or some obstacles in rollers that can stop garage doors from closing. Check for these issues, and when you find them, repair the tracks and clear the obstacles from the rollers.

Afterwards, grease the tracks and rollers to make the movement of the doors smooth. 


  • Issues with door limit settings:

Have you ever noticed that when your garage door closes, it opens again? It’s possible that your settings are off.

The limit settings indicate the range of motion of your garage door. If the level is set excessively high, your garage door won’t close all the way.

This is a typical problem with new garage doors, but it also occurs with older garage doors that require resetting.

Contact a garage specialist to adjust your limit settings so that you receive the proper settings.


5 Reasons Your Garage Door Won't Close All the Way


  • Broken strings:

Your garage door’s tension springs and cables allow it to securely reach the ground. If your door’s springs or cables are broken, it will not close. If your door closes, it will crash to the ground.

This situation is exceedingly perilous. If you suspect a problem with your springs or cables, contact a garage door repair provider right away.



In summary, whenever you see that your garage door won’t close, just look for the reasons mentioned above. You can manage the issues yourself; however, it’s always better to consult an expert to avoid any unwanted circumstances. QuickhomeExperts also provides services in this regard.

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