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How Tall is a Door: Standard Heights Explained for Optimal Design

By qhe_admin
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If you are a US citizen and want to know how tall a door is, this blog will cover everything necessary in this regard. However, the standard height of the door is 80 inches and the width is 23 inches. To be more specific, the height of these doors also depends on the type of door. Let’s discuss the height and width according to the types of these doors. Answering the query, “How tall is a door” provides important context for understanding building requirements and interior design.


What is the height of different types of doors?

Interior doors:

Interior doors are the border between two rooms. It also guarantees the privacy of your room. Usually, the height of interior doors is 80″, which is a standard size in the US.

how tall is a door


Exterior doors:

Exterior doors are installed at the entrance of the premises. Therefore, it has great significance in your house. The average height of these doors is almost 7 feet. However, it depends on the overall structure of your house.

how tall is a door , Exterior door


French doors:

French doors have both-way applications. Given that they can be used as interior or exterior doors, the standard size of these doors is the same as that of interior doors: 80 inches in height and 36 inches in width.

French doors:


Sliding glass doors:

Sliding glass doors are frequently used as patio covers or as doorways leading into houses or offices. For a sliding glass door, the conventional dimensions are 80 by 36 inches. But because doors come in a wide range of sizes, it’s crucial to measure the aperture before making a purchase.

Sliding glass doors:


Garage door:

Garage doors mostly depend on the height of the garage. Moreover, modern garage doors move on railings and bend open. However, the average garage door height is 80 inches tall and 68 inches wide.

Garage door length


Commercial doors:

Compared to residential doors, these are usually heavier and larger, and they frequently contain unique hardware, including panic bars. Commercial doors typically measure 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall, although there are numerous alternative sizes that are possible.

Commercial doors:



The crux of the blog helps us understand the actual height of the doors. Moreover, the height of the doors also depends on different other factors, such as the types of doors, the height of the rooms, and the overall infrastructure of the house. However, you can also contact your contractor to get a clear picture in this regard. If you want our services regarding the installation of doors and windows, just dial our number.


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