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Do I need pest control for a new house?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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Most people assume that newly built houses are flawless. In their opinion, there is no need for pest control in such houses. Many are still confused and looking for an answer about whether they need pest control for a new house. Do I need pest control for a new house? We have discussed this concern in detail in this article.


Can pests enter a new house?

Well, yes, there is a possibility of pests entering your new house. Newly constructed houses may have some gaps and crevices. These cracks may allow pests to penetrate your house. Moreover, utility pipes and sewerage panels may allow some pests to sneak into the house. Furthermore, during construction, some pests may make the wood or the covering of the outer walls their habitat. So, a new house needs as much pest control treatment as any other house.


What pests can enter a new house, and how?

Pests can easily enter a crack or a gap. That gap or crack may be in a wall or window. Some pests that can easily pass the obstacle are:


  • Rodents:

Pests, like rodents, love to live underground. They can enter a pipe or sewerage panel to enter your house and create an infestation. Usually, houses are built on new land, that is the shelter for many pests. Therefore, they always come back when they spot even a minor opportunity. Mice are intelligent pests. So, it’s their favorite game to create nuisances for new hosts.


  • Termites:

Where there is wood, there is food for termites. Even in new houses, the timber that is used in the construction of that house may already be infected with termites. Initially, it seems that the house is safe, but one day we suddenly see trouble on the wood or a wall: a line of marching termites. So, they can be a great mess, even for the new houses.


  • Cockroaches:

Cockroaches make their habitat in dirty places. They can also crawl up to the bathroom through sewerage pipes and surprise you with their presence.


  • Bugs:

Some new houses have lawns where grass bugs can come into being. Moreover, a few plants on that lawn or in any corner of the house may be a good host for some bugs. Whenever these bugs found a crack in a door or an open window, they would definitely enter the house to give you another surprise.


Do location and weather matter for new houses?

Yes, they do. Houses in the countryside may have a tendency for infestation early on because there is a great flow of pests in such areas. Even houses built on the bank of a river or stream may have a risk of infestation due to moisture in the air. Sometimes, warm weather provides these pests with the opportunity to grow even in new houses. So new houses need pest control exercises like any other house.


What happens if we don’t exercise pest control in new houses?

One with the illusion that new houses are safe from infestation is entirely wrong. New houses need pesticides as much as old houses. Your invigilancy is an opportunity for pests to grow up in your house. If you misread between lines, you may end up with an unwarranted infestation. This may cause you a huge cost, which you could have saved in the first place by taking preliminary measures.


What measures should a new house owner take?

These exercises will surely give your house a safe start if you follow them early on:


  • Fill in the cracks and cervices.
  • Call a pest control professional for an early examination of your house.
  • Repair any breakage in windows or outer walls.

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Construct a new house with pest-free technology:

In modern times, houses are being built with pest-free techniques. In this technique, a small pipe is installed within the outer walls of the entire house. Next time, pesticides are injected into those pipes that automatically distribute them in all corners. This works as the best defense system against infestations from unknown places.

Furthermore, during the construction of the house, pesticides to control termites are mixed into the building materials, protecting the new house from termite attacks for an extended period of time.

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Pests’ infestation is a serious issue. That’s why everyone should take it as a priority. All houses, whether new or old, need pest control exercises. The pests can easily find spots at their entrance. So, even the new house owners must call a pest control professional for an inspection. Moreover, by adopting precautionary measures, you can block the way for uninvited pests. Under all circumstances, a house needs pest control.

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