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What is HVAC maintenance?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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In some areas and some seasons, whatever the case may be, we need temperature adjustments. HVAC helps maintain the desired temperature for you. Therefore, the maintenance of the HVAC is as necessary as the HVAC itself. Do you have a question about what is HVAC maintenance and why it is necessary? Moreover, how and when do you need to have maintenance? Well, this article explains all your questions related to the matter.


Maintenance includes regular inspection of your HVAC, repairing the unit or any part thereof, and replacing damaged units or any part thereof. So, maintenance is mandatory time and again.

What is HVAC maintenance

Why is maintenance necessary?

Maintenance of HVAC systems is necessary because if you neglect to do so, it may result in the following problems:


  • Energy costs:

An unrepaired unit, or any part of it, makes the system work harder. In such a situation, the system consumes more energy than expected, which results in high energy costs.


  • Poor air quality:

When filters are not properly cleaned or replaced in time, they stop filtering the air. Which may produce carbon monoxide that creates breathing issues.


  • Permanent damage to the unit:

If you do not maintain the unit from time to time, it can stop working permanently. In this way, you will need a replacement, which is very expensive these days.


Even if it does not get permanently damaged, it can still cost you a huge amount for the repair of the unit.


  • Other consequences:

When you are reluctant to repair or maintain the unit and it is damaged permanently, you have to live with seasonal temperatures. That’s something you would never want.


All these reasons are enough to convince you to have HVAC maintenance. So, make sure you contact the service providers when it is needed.


How is Complete HVAC maintenance performed?

The complete maintenance of the HVAC includes:


  • Cleaning and replacement of air filters:

Filters are responsible for smooth ventilation. Even a small amount of dirt can affect the performance of filters. So, professionals clean them for impurities. Even you can replace them when they are unfunctional.

  • Inspection of the thermostat:

Thermostats are responsible for climate control. When you feel that the living room is warm but your bedroom is cold, this is an indication that the thermostat of the unit needs attention. At this time, the thermostat is modified, enabling it to control the climate.


  • Scrutiny of electric connections:

The service of maintenance also includes the look-over of electric wires and electric connections. This may help reduce the chances of a short-circuit or major breakdown of the system.


  • Lubrication of the mechanical parts:

For the smooth working of mechanical parts of the unit, professionals use some lubricants. This ensures that the unit is consuming extra energy to run itself.


  • Service of evaporator coils:

The service of the coil is also necessary because it holds the cold refrigerants that are responsible for reducing heat and making the climate cold.


  • Leakage:

Professionals also mend all the leakages to prevent the implications attached to them.


When do we need to have a maintenance period?

Many of us are confused about whether, even if the HVAC system is working properly, we should make an inspection call or when we need to tune up the unit. Well, these are the instances when you need to make a call for maintenance services:


  • On the advice of an HVAC professional:

We should ask the professionals who installed the system in your house to advise you on when maintenance becomes mandatory. However, experts advise that AC units must be serviced in the spring season, whereas heating systems should be inspected in the fall.


It is also advised that the units be served out-of-season because, out-of-season, you may wait for days for your turn.


  • Replacement of filters:

You should change filters after 1 to 3 months, for they purify the air and absorb dirt. That’s why they need an early inspection.


  • General service of the HVAC system:

Experts say that every system should get maintenance twice a year. This increases the efficiency of the system and enables it to survive for a longer period of time.


What are the benefits of HVAC maintenance?


Timely maintenance of the units has certain benefits, for example, it;

  1. Increases the efficiency of the system.
  2. Reduces the chances of a major breakdown.
  3. Lowers fuel or electric consumption.
  4. Keeps your warranty intact.


Therefore, you should consider the fact that your HVAC system needs inspection and maintenance to ensure its smooth operation for a long time.

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