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Best guide on what is a lawn worm

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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Do you have a grassy lawn? Have you seen yellow patches of grass coming out of nowhere? Well, that might be a trouble. It surely is a lawn worm, also known as a grass worm. do you know what is a lawn worm? These worms are small white larvae of beetles. They live in the soil and eat the roots of the grass. Because they eat the roots of the grass, that’s why you see some yellow patches in the lawn.

What is a lawn worm

How are lawn worms dangerous?

Lawn worms live in the soil and eat grass. In fact, they are the larvae of beetles.

Beetles lay eggs in the grass in the summer. After hatching the eggs, the larvae hide in the soil and start eating the roots of the grass.

After some time, you would see grass getting yellow, usually known as thatch. Consequently, your lawn starts looking ugly.


What are signs of lawn worms?

You can identify the presence of a worm infestation if you observe these things in the garden:


  • Yellow patches in the grass.
  • Flow of birds that eat such worms.
  • Presence of beetles in a great number.


As we have discussed above, these worms eat the roots of the grass and damage the overall health of the lawn. Grass without roots gets dried and turns yellow.

Is it a worm whenever I see a yellow patch?

Well, no, not every time. Sometimes, it happens because you lack maintenance in the garden; moreover, when you don’t use fertilizers or have overwatered the plant, you’ll see yellow patches.

Birds like these worms. Whenever you see birds invading your lawn and digging up the soil, be alert; your lawn has an infestation.

Beetles love to lay eggs on the thatch. If you see a large number of beetles in your lawn, this means they have already infected your lawn.


How do I get rid of lawn worms?

Are you tired of seeing multiple attacks of lawn worms? Getting rid of them is not a big deal. You just have to take care of a few things, such as:


  • Maintain the lawn, use fertilizers, or grow plants to attract insects that kill worms, such as nematodes.
  • Clean the thatch in the grass, because this is the place where beetles lay eggs.
  • Get rid of beetles. Use pesticides or insecticides to repel beetles. If you let beetles fly in your zone, they will rise and rise, and your lawn will end up with a huge infestation.



Now you know what is a lawn worm. This little white creature is a destroyer of your lawn. However timely care of the lawn may reduce the chances of such a worm infestation. Most people mix this worm with earthworms, which are totally different species. Earthworms are soil-friendly, enhancing the fertility of the soil. Moreover, they strengthen the turf to help the grass grow smoothly.

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