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What is a sequencer in HVAC?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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Have you ever observed how HVAC generates heat and maintains the temperature without getting turned off? Do you wonder why this happens? Well, you won’t believe that a small device in the electric system of an HVAC system does this job called sequencer. What is a sequencer in HVAC? This tiny little invention saves the whole unit from tripping off. Do you want to know how it works?

How does an HVAC sequencer work?

The sequencer was made to balance the heating waves. It distributes the heating business among different components. It reduces the burden on different segments.


In other words, when you set the temperature on the thermostat, it brings the furnace into work to adjust the required temperature. When the command to raise or decrease the heat goes to the furnace by the thermostat, there are different components and segments through which the heat transfers.


During this stage, the sequencer keeps shifting the burden to alternate components. Although the heat takes a few seconds more than usual, it prevents the unit from trapping. 


Now that we know how a sequencer works, you might be wondering why we need one. Let’s discuss the benefits of the sequencer.


Benefits of a sequencer:

Let’s understand the benefits of the sequencer. When you put a sequencer between the thermostat and furnace, the thermostat sends the current to the sequencer. The sequencer distributes that current to one heating component and to another, and the process continues. 


This way, the sequencer saves the system from overloading and overheating. Moreover, it prevents the unit from tripping down due to overloading or overheating. 


If you skip installing the sequencer between the thermostat and heat-producing components, the thermostat sends the current directly to the heating components, which may result in short-circuiting or overloading. The overloading may turn off the entire unit.


Moreover, installing the sequencer also saves on overconsumption of electricity, and you don’t get heavy bills. 


That’s a crucial device. Isn’t it? So, don’t skip installing the sequencer. Moreover, keep inspecting the sequencer. When your room isn’t getting hot or cold as you set the temperature, this might be an indication of some fault in the sequencer. 


What should you do when your sequencer doesn’t work?

You can either fix the issue yourself or hire a professional. It’s better to hire a professional because there is a possibility that you may fix it wrong. This may result in shutting down the whole unit.



Although the HVAC sequencer is a tiny device, it guarantees the longevity of the whole unit. It works in a symmetry. It prevents the heat-producing components from overloading and overheating. Moreover, it saves you a lot of energy. Hopefully, this guide proves beneficial for you.

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