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Can you paint a metal roof?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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Can you paint a metal roof? A simple and straight answer is YES. You can paint a metal roof. However, you have to consider many factors before applying paint to your metal roof. Metal roofs are usually sloping; therefore, it is difficult to paint such roofs. Hence, you should keep a professional on priority rather than DIY. It’s not that you can’t do this all by yourself. That’s why we have written this article for your assistance. 


What kind of paint is good for metal roofing?

After knowing that you can paint metal roofs, another big question may strike your mind: what kind of paint is good for metal roofing? Don’t worry; we will also guide you through this. After researching markets and observing the properties and sustainability of different kinds of paints, we reach the conclusion that oil-based alkyd paints or acrylic latex paints are good for your metal roofs. These kinds of paints stick to the roof for a long time; moreover, they are UV-repellent. Furthermore, they protect the roof from rusting. 


How can I paint my metal roof?



Now that you know what kind of paint is good for your metal roofs, we will guide you on how to paint your roof. However, you need to understand that before the application of paint, you need to:

  • Clean the roof from all kinds of dust and dirt.
  • Remove all the debris.
  • Remove old paint with the help of paint removers. You can also use home-made liquids, such as vinegar, to remove the paint. 
  • After applying the above methods, thoroughly wash your roof with water and let it dry.
  • Choose a suitable day for painting; avoid rainy or stormy days.


Now that your roof is ready so,

  • Buy a good-quality sprayer. There are multiple sprayers on the market. Choose a good-quality primer and apply it with sprayers. Let the primer dry completely before applying the first coating.
  • Note: You can use paint brushes and rollers; they are also equally effective. 
  • Now apply the first coat. Remember to cover each corner of the roof. You will have to paint multiple coats; therefore, paint thoroughly. 
  • At this stage, you need to let the first coat dry. During this time, inspect the entire roof; if any spot is left unattended or you didn’t get the desired results, apply a second coating. Keep coating until you get exact results. 


That’s it. You have painted your metal roof. Isn’t it a victory? Now you need to understand that maintaining the paint will increase its lifespan.


How can I maintain my roof’s paint?

Painting a roof may be an easy task, but maintaining it is hard. You have to take care of a few things. Always remove dust and debris from the surface of the roof before they enter the layers and damage the paint. Moreover, they can also damage metal roofing by rusting it. 


Mistakes to avoid while painting metal roofs:

You should avoid making these mistakes while painting:


  • Not applying sealants.
  • Not selecting paint with an energy-efficient topcoat.
  • Making use of leftover paint.
  • Not calculating the project’s material needs adequately.
  • Overestimating the amount of supplies required for the work. 



Benefits of painting a metal roof:

Painting metal roofs has multiple benefits. These benefits include:


  1. Longevity of metal roofs.
  2. Saving the roof from heating effects.
  3. Stopping UV rays from entering your home.
  4. Beautifying the outlook of the house.



In a nutshell, you can paint the metal roof. It is recommended to get your roof painted by professionals; however, you can also DIY. Painting your metal roof has a lot of benefits. It enhances the life of the roof and adds to the beauty of your home.

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