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What is a door stopper?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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What is a door stopper? A door stopper is a device attached to the wall alongside the door. It is installed near the bottom of the door. It is useful when you are tired of opening the door again and again. Just install this device and stick the door with it. Isn’t it cool?


Types of door stoppers:

There are two types of door stoppers:

  1. Hinge-mounted
  2. Fixed post

Hinge-mounted door stoppers don’t need to be fixed to the wall; however, a fixed door stopper needs to be fixed to the wall. So, you have to drill into the wall. Moreover, such door stoppers can hold heavy doors as well.


How do I install a door stopper?

After you have decided the type of door stopper you want, the next phase is to install it. This is how to install the door stopper.

  • Hinge-mounted:

  1. First, close the door and take out the hinge pin with a screwdriver from where you want to install the stopper.
  2. Place the ring of the door stopper on the hinge in such a way that its rubber faces the wall.
  3. Now put the hinge pin back and fix it.
  4. Now twist the rubber panel facing the door to a point where you want the door to stop.

Well done! You have installed the hinge-mounted door stopper.

Now it’s time to learn about how to install the fixed door stopper.

  • Fixed post doorstop:

  1. First, bring the door parallel to the wall.
  2. Hold a pointer with one of its ends touching the edges of the door and the other touching the wall in a straight line.
  3. Mark the spot with the pointer where you are going to drill.
  4. Now drill that spot to make a hole of approximately 3mm.
  5. At the end, screw the threaded end of the door stopper into that hole and fix it tightly.

Congratulations! You’ve done a great job. You would probably have learned to install both types of doorstops.


Benefits of door stopper:

Now let’s have a look on the benefits of door stopper.

  • Protecting Your Door and Wall: 

The primary and most important function of a door stop is to protect your door and the wall. After all, a door with smooth, high-quality hinges will certainly swing open quickly. This frequently results in the door side or door handle colliding with the neighboring wall with force. Initially, such issues may appear to be trivial. A door that continually impacts a wall, on the contrary, will wear down with time. Therefore, door stopper is necessary.


  • Holding Your Door Open: 

Certain types of door stops can help prop your door open while also protecting your door and wall from damage. For example, this wall hook door stop has a hook linked to the wall and a loop attached to the door. This allows you to keep your door open while the loop is attached.

Such door stops are ideal for doors with spring-loaded hinges, which require additional support to remain open. If you prefer to change the position of your door while it is propped open, a rubber door stop may be handy.



Doorstoppers are necessary tools for some doors on commercial and domestic premises. Sometimes, a few are annoyed with opening the door every now and then. Therefore, they need a doorstopper. Just buy a good-quality door stopper from a reliable store for a superb experience.

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