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10 Swimming Pool Renovation Ideas to Inspire You

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The pool in your backyard is the most valuable and attractive feature. You have a strong affection for your pool, but you have seen that it may benefit from some more attention. Perhaps the appearance of the vinyl liner is outdated, or you are seeing signs of deterioration after using it for an extended period of time. If you have a desire to enhance the aesthetics or functionality of your pool, you might be prepared to undertake a pool remodeling endeavor.

This guide will provide you with valuable suggestions for organizing a pool renovation and direct you to more resources that might inspire you. Are you prepared to explore a vast array of pool opportunities? Alright, let’s begin!

Pool Renovation

Indicators That a Remodel Might Be Necessary

At some point in any pool’s lifespan, a renovation is required. There is a wide range of reasons to renovate a swimming pool, regardless of how long you’ve had one or if you bought a house with one already installed: Perhaps you’ve noticed leaks and cracks and found yourself in a perpetual cycle of costly repairs. Perhaps when you wade into an older gunite or concrete pool, the surface feels harsh on your feet. For strictly cosmetic reasons, you might want your pool to have a splashier look.

Alterations to your way of life may also inspire you to give your pool a makeover. Improving the pool’s safety features may be necessary to accommodate new family members, including younger children, the elderly, or those with mobility challenges. Making your pool more user-friendly and entertaining is one of the many benefits of a pool redesign.

 Restoration Solutions

 Various restoration solutions are available to enhance the appearance of your garden. We have compiled a collection of our most frequently occurring updates for you to contemplate.

Shape Modification

If you are dealing with a preexisting vinyl-over-steel pool, it is possible to modify its contour. Frequently, we collaborate with clients who contact us regarding their pools constructed the several years and currently need a contemporary design. As an illustration, we have converted several pools with a ‘Roman’ design into rectangular shapes.

Pool Renovation

Installing or Modifying a Fiberglass Staircase

Several older swimming pools relied on a shallow-end ladder for entry and exit, lacking a designated pool step. Several structures constructed in the 1980s and 1990s used white stairs, which may have developed cracks or discolored over time.

Installing a fiberglass step is a simple and straightforward improvement.

We offer them in a variety of sizes and colors, including white, blue, and gray. Gray-colored steps are the most common addition to our collection. The design has a modern aesthetic and harmonizes nicely with the new lining colors. It’s important to note that adding a step occurs concurrently with the installation of a new liner, a new pool coping, and occasionally a plumbing upgrade.

Steel steps and benches

Steel steps and seats are becoming an increasingly popular choice. You can personalize them according to your preferences. Whether you require a seamless entrance, a sun ledge with bubblers, or a combination of both, our steel fabrication capabilities enable us to create nearly any structure.

Both straight-walled and radius pools may accommodate the addition of steel steps and seats. To extend a step beyond the boundaries of your pool, you may remove a wall. Alternatively, you can include a custom-shaped interior step in any free-form pool. Please provide us with a photograph of your existing pool so that we can provide you with some tailored suggestions.

Renovating Coping and Patio Paving Stones

Renovating damaged concrete pool decks with pavers or natural stone will give your pool a rejuvenated appearance. Regardless of whether you pick pre-cast stone pavers or natural flagstone, the outcome is visually striking.
If the stone is not within the financial means, one could contemplate the option of constructing a new concrete deck. Stamped concrete has made significant progress! Incorporate a contemporary design to improve the appearance of your pool patio.

Pool Liner Replacement

Another straightforward solution for renovating your pool is to replace the liner, repaint it, or re-tile the concrete surface with a different color. Pool liners with a border resembling tiles gained popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s. However, modern pools predominantly have complete print designs. Replacing your liner can also alter the visual aspect and hue of your water.

When replacing the liner, it is also worth considering replacing older-type pool lighting with a more energy-efficient LED alternative. After removing the liner, you can enhance the size and design of the existing lights.

How Quick Home Experts can help you?

Have you made up your mind about the renovation of your pool? That’s awesome! Just make a call to talk with our agent to explore more options. Our team will provide you with exceptional ideas for modifications. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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