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How to change garage door code?

By qhe_admin
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Garage doors have great significance in houses. They not only provide space to park the car but also protect it from getting stolen. Moreover, people can store useful equipment in garages. Unlike old garages, modern garages have more advanced technology for protection. Their doors are password-protected. However, keeping the same password for a long time may lead the thieves to crack it easily. Therefore, keep changing the password after some time is better. Discover the easy, secure method of how to change garage door code , which will provide your house the best possible security. Do you want to know how to change  garage door code?

 Let’s discuss the procedure for changing the garage door code in this part of the blog.

 Methods of changing garage door codes:

How to change garage door code?


You will need a stepladder to access the motor. The motor is placed toward the top of the garage door. It should be located on one side of the garage door. Be extremely cautious when mounting the ladder, as a fall could result in a catastrophic injury.


  • Push the reset button:

Now that you have access to the motor, reset it. Look for a “Reset” button on it. Press it for a few seconds until the small light next to it turns off. The light turning off indicates that the memory on the motor has been wiped. Stop pressing the button once the light has turned off again.


  • Enter the new code:

Now that the old password has been removed, it is now feasible to enter a new passcode. To enter a new PIN, press the “Reset” button. Thereafter, hold down the button until the light comes on. Now you can enter the new code on the keypad.


When you enter the new passcode, the light starts blinking. This indicates that the keypad is operational again. Now you can push and hold the same button until the light stops blinking. Press again until the light turns off. Now the new passcode has entered the memory of the garage motor.


  • Reprogram the remote:

Now it’s time to work on the remote control. To change the program, press the remote’s reset button. If you push the remote long enough, the motor’s light should begin to blink again. If that happens, your attempt to change the code was successful. If it is not, try to repeat the entire process.


  • Reprogram other remotes:

If you have more remotes linked to the opener, you should also reset them. Simply press the learn button for a few seconds before pressing the new code of your choice on the remote control. This is useful, especially if you have multiple remotes for each family member. Isn’t it? To reprogram each remote, follow the same methods.


Once you’ve changed the key on a remote, it’s time to test. Once you find it okay, you’ve solved the problem. If the door still won’t open after many attempts to reset the code, contact a specialist. If the door opens and closes normally, you have successfully reset the code.


Do you still find it difficult to change the garage code keypad? Contact QuickhomeExperts; we have professionals who can help you reset the passcode. 


How do I change the garage door code with a remote control?

Almost all electric garage doors include a remote control known as the garage door opener. Do you know it is more difficult to reset your garage door code with the remote than at the keypad? However, it is critical to understand how to reset your garage door code in a variety of ways, so we will begin with the garage door opener process.

change the garage door code with a remote control


  • Remove the Cover:

Start with removing the garage door remote’s cover. Most covers come off pretty easily and don’t require tools. To look into the interior of the remote, slide the cover plate off with your thumbs.


  • Compare the switches:

After removing the remote’s cover, you’ll see a few interior switches. Take note of their position and how they correspond to your pre-existing garage door code.


  • Reset the switches:

After inspecting the inner switches’ positions, reset them to match your new password. It only takes a few minutes if done correctly.


  • Access the motor:

Next, place a ladder under your garage motor and remove the cover panel. It should come off like a remote control cover, allowing you to access switches inside the motor. The switches should resemble those in the garage door opener.


  • Reposition the motor’s interior switches:

Finally, carefully arrange the motor’s switches to match those on the garage door opener. Both devices must have the same switch pattern. If they do not, you will have to repeat the procedure.

If done correctly, your garage door should work properly.

Final Thoughts:

This blog simply guides the readers to solve the query of setting the garage passcode. Many modern garages have built-in password technology. Sometimes, new users of such doors don’t know how to change the garage door code. In our blog, we have explained the step-by-step method of changing the code. If you still find it hard to reset the code, just dial our number and let us handle it for you.

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