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What is rooter plumbing?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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Rooter Plumbing is the term that is used for the maintenance of the drainage pipes. More specifically, rooter service includes opening up the blockage in drainage pipes because of tree roots. Still confused on what is rooter plumbing? Don’t worry, we will explain this to you in this blog.

In most houses, tree roots enter the underground piping that is responsible for liquid movement and block the way for such liquid to move freely. 


Sometimes it’s not clogging; the roots may damage the whole pipe, threatening the house’s infrastructure. 


In such a scenario, you call the plumber and let him inspect your pipe system to look for an issue. 


What does the plumber do?

Obviously, he diagnoses the issues, which include a visual inspection of the drainage system followed by testing the system by turning on the plumbing fixture. 


After that, he checks for the areas where human-reach is impossible with a video camera. Afterward, when he finds the issue, he will suggest a remedy. He will offer his services, which may include:


  1. In addition to the snaking of the pipe, he uses the rooter machine or root-killing chemicals to eliminate the tree roots.
  2. The repair of the damaged portions of the pipe.
  3. The replacement of the pipes if the tree roots have damaged them completely.


When should I call for rooter services?

Immediately call the plumbing services if you notice these issues.


  • When you see a rising level of wastewater in your toilet, it is overflowing. This wastewater is contaminated and can cause serious diseases for the family members of the house. 
  • When you observe that the drainage pipes are dry, this means that they are not transferring the water due to some clogging in them. That’s the best time to call a plumber. 



The flooding of wastewater and other water may weaken the foundation of the house. It can damage the walls and doors. Moreover, the contaminated water may spread unwanted diseases among family members. Therefore, that’s an emergency call. Make sure you regularly inspect your plumbing fixtures to avoid major issues. 

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