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Top 6 Methods How To Open a Locked Bathroom Door

By qhe_admin
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 In the bathroom right now and got stuck? What an unfortunate moment! However, don’t worry; stay calm and follow the instructions given below. In this blog, not only we discuss about unlocking the bathroom door of bathroom from inside but also from outside. We understand the severity of the situation in both events. Again, don’t panic, and follow these steps to find the easiest methods for how to open a locked bathroom door so you never get stuck again.

How do I open a locked bathroom door?


Luckily, you have a lot of ways and means to open the locked bathroom door from inside.

Use a paper clip:

A paper clip is the ideal tool for opening a bathroom door. Since they have extreme flexibility, you can mold them into the shape you want. This is the simplest way to unlock a door that has a hole in it.

To simplify the procedure, you may even use two clips. For instance, you would bend one paper clip into the lock hole to unlock the door.

Next, have the second paper clip and align it properly. Lastly, insert the bent clip into the lock hole and position the straight clip underneath it. To unlock the lock, wiggle the straight paperclip inside until it clicks.

Use a paper clip How to open a

Use a laminated card:

People usually suggest using credit cards to unlock the door in such situations. But using them can be trouble for you, as they may break up. Instead, use laminated cards for an effective operation.

Moreover, only a few locks, such as spring locks, doorknobs, and latch bolts, can be opened with a this card. But with a deadbolt, it won’t function.

Now place the card between the door frame and the lock. Next, bend the card backward while applying pressure to the bolt. You can help increase the weight and force the lock to pop by leaning against the door.

Use a laminated card to unlock a door

Use knife:

 Attempting to unlock it from the outside is simple with a butter knife. It is inserted into the lock hole and twisted. A butter knife works better here rather than a sharp one.

A sharp knife may be more precise, but it also carries a higher risk of catastrophic injury. Additionally, it can be used much like a credit card.

Use knife to unlock a door

Remove the doorknob:

 The most appropriate course of action is probably to remove the handle or door knob if every other option does not work. Using a screwdriver or drill, remove the screws. Next, you can pry the lock open with the screwdriver. After inserting it gently, turn the lock. It should be unlocked right away. It is the safest method for opening a bathroom door.

Remove the doorknob

Remove the hinges:

If you are unable to open the door, this specific method does help a great deal, but it may also take some time. Take off all door hinges by simply unscrewing each one individually. By taking off the hinges, the door can be removed, and the bathroom is immediately open.

Remove the hinges: to unlock a door

Call the lockmaster:

Even if, after trying everything possible, you remain unsuccessful in opening the door, call a lockmaster. A lockmaster is an experienced person who knows more about locks than a common man.

Call the lockmaster: to unlock a bathroom  door


We care about your security and safety. Therefore, we researched the methods and brought the best to you. Just follow the above-mentioned steps to unlock the stubborn bathroom doors. However, it’s ok if you fail to open it. Hence, calling an expert becomes the best option.

Quickhomeexperts experts are masters of this art. They can even guide you on the call. Just dial our number to get more reliable advice. Moreover, we provide other related services as well. Just visit our website for more useful content.

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