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how to program craftsman garage door opener

By qhe_admin
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You can enter their house conveniently by using a craftsman garage door opener. The only thing you need is to program it with the garage door. Now, that’s something you should know first. How to program craftsman garage door opener? Well, we will discuss about this in this blog. Programing the remote with garage door is an easy task; however, you need to follow the procedure carefully to avoid any trouble.

How to program craftsman garage door opener: 

how to program craftsman garage door opener


Locate the program button:

Search the remote and locate a program button. This button is usually fixed at the back of the side panel of the remote. It’s easy to remove the back or side cover of some remotes; even so, you need a screwdriver to open some fixed back covers. Once you have removed the back cover, you will see a button or switch indicating “program.”

Clear the memory:

Now that you have located the program button, next, you need to erase its memory. Simply press the program button for approximately 10 seconds. During this time, you will see a small blinking light. Once you see the light stop blinking, this certainly means the memory is gone. For confirmation that you have completely deleted the memory, press the garage operating button on the remote. If the door isn’t responding, this means you have successfully wiped out the opener’s memory.

Reprogram the remote:  

After deleting the memory of the remote, move it so close to the door unit that it catches the signal frequency. Now press the program button on the unit. You will also see a blinking light in the unit. This means the unit is getting ready for programing. Afterwards, press that button on the remote that you wish to program. Keep pressing the button until the blinking light goes off. Press that button on the remote and look for a stable light. If you see it, this means you have done garage opener programing. Congratulation! Wasn’t it an easy task?

Perform a final test:

Final test won’t take much of your time. Stand at some distance from the door and press the button. First, open it, then close it, and watch the process carefully. It will work! If it doesn’t, check for additional things such as batteries on the remote, any blockage in the railing of the doors, or dust on the lenses of the sensors.


It was very easy to reprogram the garage opener, wasn’t it? This blog covers all the necessary information to guide you through reprograming. However, even after reprograming, the garage door doesn’t work, check for side things such as railings, batteries, or sensors. QuickhomeExperts also provides related services. Just talk to our agent and get solutions for your issues. 

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