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How to clean plumbing vent?

By Farrukh Jhanzaib
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Plumbing vents have a great significance in the plumbing structure of the house. Any kind of issue with it can cause a life-threatening situation. Do you hear gurgling sounds from the toilet, or having an issue with sink drainage? Clogging in the plumbing vent can cause such issues. Want to know how to clean plumbing vent? Keep reading this article. 

What is a plumbing vent?

How to clean plumbing vent

It’s a physics of pressure. The flow of water from draining pipes causes a vacuum in such pipes: this vacuum is a pressure. Whereas plumbing vents send fresh air from the roof to create pressure equal to the vacuum. This helps the smooth flow of waste and draining water.

However, if you observe ghost flushing and poor sink drainage, the most probable reason is clogging in the plumbing vent. Moreover, blockage in the vent allows methane to travel in your breathing space. Methane suffocates humans and animals. Therefore, clean the plumbing vent to save you and your loved ones from severe illnesses.

How to clean plumbing vent?  

Many residential and commercial plumbing companies are providing services for clogged plumbing vents. However, if you believe you can handle DIY, here is what you need to do.

Climb the roof:

First, you need to reach the roof where vents are usually installed. Use some precautions before “operation cleaning vent”. Have a,

  1. Ladder to climb the roof.
  2. Wear rubber-soled shoes to prevent yourself from slipping. 
  3. Use a safety harness to save yourself from falling.

Inspect the plumbing vent:

Put your palm on the opening of the vent and ask someone to flush the toilet. However, If you don’t feel the suction, this means the vent is clogged. Now see through the vent to look for any blockage. 

Use Plumber’s snake:

If you see anything, use a plumber’s snake to clear the clog. In short, plumbing snakes can enter small holes and pluck hardened debris. You would see some leaves, nests or dead birds have blocked the air passage in the plumbing vent. 

Use garden hose:

Even after cleaning the vent pipe with a plumber’s snake, some dust, debris, or any hard substance would still remain attached. For such hard substances use high-pressure water to run through vent pipes. You can use a garden hose for this purpose. This procedure works efficiently, so, apply it for good results. 

In winter, your vent pipes can get frozen and block the air from reaching down the draining pipes. For this purpose, use hot water the same way you learned to use the garden hose to run the water in the plumbing vent.

Call a professional plumber:

If you have a steeper roof and can’t climb, or can’t get the desired result after applying the above method, call a professional plumbing company. Accordingly, quickhomeexperts has licensed and experienced plumbers to provide you with plumbing services. Don’t think much, just dial our number and save additional costs. 


In the end, we hope that this blog proves informative for you. Additionally, we have skilled plumbers who always devise creative ideas to meet the requirements of our prospects. Moreover, they will suggest to you what’s better. Likewise, they will diagnose the plumbing vent issues for you and will provide you with services like cleaning or repairing. Just dial our number to get the best advice.

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